Terri Anne Givens
April 17, 1966  -  July 12, 2017

Terri Anne Givens

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Memorial Service
VFW Post 6378
5204 Hwy 3
Dickinson, TX  77539
Saturday, July 29, 2017
2:00 p.m.
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Terri Anne Givens, 51, of Houston, Texas, passed away Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at her residence in Friendswood, Texas.

Memorial services will be held 2:00 p.m., Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the VFW Memorial Post 6378 located at 5204 Highway 3, Dickinson, Texas.

Terri was born April 17, 1966 in Galveston, Texas. Survivors include her mother, Karen Brown of Clear Lake, Texas; her sister, Donna Givens-Bryce of Austin, Texas; aunts, Ina Brown of Portland, Texas, Ava Brown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Nancy Brown, of Dickinson, Texas with cousins, James Caudle, Gena Caudle and Richard Caudle of Austin, Texas; uncles, Donnie Givens, Roger Givens and cousins in the Cleveland, Texas area.


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  1. Larry Reed
    League City, TX

    1. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Larry Reed and Terri Givens, was my stepdaughter. I’ve know Terri all her life and Terri is family.
    2. Beautiful Terri left this world too soon but she had more adventures than most of us much, much older than her. Terri was not afraid to try just about anything and go just about anywhere. Terri was very adventurous and challenged things that most of us only think about and sometimes to her detriment but Terri always took her lumps and moved on.
    3. Like anyone else, Terri and I had our disagreements because she was a strong minded woman who believed in herself and didn’t take any crap from anyone.
    4. Terri was a private person who didn’t complain about much and just lived her life the way she wanted without judging others. Terri stayed to herself a lot in recent years after meeting and becoming engaged to the love of her life, Ron Pettit. I was very honored when Terri asked me if I would give away the bride at her wedding to Ron but medical problems (as a result of her adventurous nature) got in the way and they didn’t have the opportunity to get married before Terri left us.
    5. Ron and Terri came to family functions at my mother’s house in the country where her Given’s uncle’s and their families would be in attendance. Usually on mom’s 90th birthdays where we always did karaoke too.
    6. Even though Terri was in pain a lot, she and Ron would show up at some of our karaoke shows (my wife Nancy and I do karaoke shows regularly) where Terri would sing and dance all she could and when she would have a little too much fun, Ron took charge and got her home safely. Ron had a calming effect on Terri and they had a great relationship together.
    7. To sum it all up, I think Terri’s cousin James said it all in a comment to Terri’s Guestbook page as follows:
    “It's been a helluva ride cuz.we rode hard,fast and free.
    We rocked it from the east coast to the west coast and back again like nobody's business and like there was no tomorrow. Well tomorrow has come our time has ended and I wouldn't change a thing or moment we spent together.
    Hold it down.
    See ya on the other side”

    My sympathy to Karen, Donna, Ron and all of Terri’s family.

    You will be missed by all who ever knew you my dear Terri. Sleep well!

  2. Anthony Golliheair
    spring, TX

    I met Terri at about 15 yrs old, we enjoyed spending time together and dated for about a year. I will never forget you, you live in my heart and in my memories.

  3. Karen Brown
    Houston, TX

    I was 18 when I first met Terri. She was the loveliest and most perfect baby among all others in the nursery and the nurses commented on how calm and sweet she was. I was told, “She’s going to be a very good baby,” and they were right. She grew into a positive, cheerful and eager little girl wanting to try everything. Nothing was off limits and she really liked being in charge - like the first day of school when she dove in head first, unafraid, confident and eager to make friends and most importantly, play. Throughout her school days, she excelled in athletic events and thrived on competition or being ‘first’ in everything. She had a fiery, high-energy personality. I thought she might work as a stuntwoman with all the tree-climbing, bicycle tricks, and high-speed roller skating acts she performed. Scraped knees and lacerations closed with stitches were common occurrences with her daily acrobatics.

    Terri embraced her freedom like first-time explorers rushing to Mt. Everest, setting off on many journeys with a couple of small bags and a positive attitude. She was definitely a risk-taker and was going to be her own boss no matter what anyone said. She really did run the show. Terri was outrageously generous with money and was always willing to help her friends, family and even an occasional stranger. Her love for animals, especially cats, knew no bounds.

    Her amazing creative abilities would constantly astound me; like the time she started playing the piano by ear, without lessons or instructions! She wrote poetry, loved painting, drawing, dancing, and singing Karaoke with family. She was charming, ‘wickedly’ witty and one time, after a shopping spree with Terri and Donna, Terri began speaking Arabic (the unintelligible kind) and we laughed so hard that Donna almost lost control of the car and I was glad a bathroom wasn’t too far away! She was so much fun!! Did I mention how strikingly beautiful she was?

    As it often happens when we get older and wiser, Terri chose to live a quiet life with meaning and purpose, removed from all the trappings of life so she could focus on her health with support from her fiancé, Ron. Although she’s not with us anymore, she is still alive in our hearts and minds and I am truly grateful for all the fond and loving memories and happy times we shared.

    I love you, Terri. Sleep well.


  4. Rusty Conroy
    League City, TX

    I remember your beautiful smile and laugh. Another gone to young. RIP Terri.

  5. Michael Bryce
    Austin, TX

    We love and dearly miss our Terri Anne.

  6. James c caudle
    Austin, TX

    It's been a helluva ride cuz.we rode hard,fast and free.
    We rocked it from the east coast to the west coast and back again like nobody's business and like there was no tomorrow. Well tomorrow has come our time has ended and I wouldn't change a thing or moment we spent together.
    Hold it down.
    See ya on the other side

    Love James

  7. Christine (Whitehead) Brown
    Kerrville, TX

    You will be forever in my heart! We were so very blessed to be back in touch & excited for our upcoming reunion. Guess we will have to be reunited in Heaven! We love you!

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